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Online gaming offers immense possibilities with hundreds of various titles being available to anyone having a PC or carrying a mobile phone. There are all kinds of genres to try and a great number of top-notch experiences to enjoy. However, there is a limit to everything and online games are no exceptions. Sooner or later, the same setting starts to get boring and the same story doesn’t fascinate you anymore. You move on to another game, but the situation repeats. And you again find yourself out of ideas. Is there a cure for it? As a matter of fact, there is. And it’s called Roblox!

Play and make games!

The best way to describe Roblox is to call it a user-generated MMOG community or an open-source game-making platform that unites millions of users from all over the world. Just imagine, literally anyone with internet access can set up an account and become a game designer! After signing up, you’ll be prompted to create an avatar that will represent you in the virtual reality. The best thing is that your character is fully customizable, from the color of their eyes to clothes they wear. In Roblox, you can be anyone, from a medieval princess to a modern DJ.

Once you’re done making your avatar pretty, you find yourself on a piece of empty land and a toolbox where you can find everything you need to start building your own project. It can be just about anything – it all depends on your tastes and imagination! If you are a fan of arcades, you can turn the flat field you are standing on in a true obstacle course filled with various traps, flying platforms and hidden levels. Those fascinated with beautiful architecture can try building something as complex and sophisticated as an ancient castle with all its passages, columns and richly furnished chambers. Or you can use these resources to construct a supercar, helicopter or even spaceship. Yes, you can take your future project anywhere, from various historical epochs to the open space! And even something like a giant pinball simulator won’t surprise anyone. You can even start your own business here. Or chill out at a virtual restaurant, hotel or night club with the same avatars as yours. The construction process is quite easy and intuitive. All you have to do is combine simple blocks into objects, buildings and settings of different complexity and define their properties. It can be done even by a small kid!

Socialization and currency

Roblox is a highly social service. Users are free to wonder around the platform, visit each other’s lands and worlds, unite into teams and groups, chat and exchange avatar accessories. The gameplay isn’t bound by any rules or restrictions. You can pop into any game any time and leave once you get enough of it. It’s up to you to decide whether you are a player, builder or collaborator. There are hundreds of projects going on and your assistance may be quite helpful in one of them. For those into game-making, there are three Builders Groups to join. Doing that will give you a few perks – more land for constructing, more clothing for your avatar and higher daily allowance. The game hinges on virtual currency called Robux that you can spend on various items your character or project may require. So, as you see, Roblox is much more than simply another MMOG – it’s a whole new world that’s up to you to explore. And change!