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If you always wanted to try your hand at game-making, mini game Roblox is just what you need! This service offers easy, understandable tools for creating your own online games since 2005. Millions of kids, teens and adults have already discovered its perks. Now it’s time for you to join them! Roblox can be technically called a MMOG. It’s a huge platform allowing just about anyone to construct new lands and games inside a big virtual reality. Nearly everything you can see on Roblox is designed and built by community members. At the start, you have to choose an avatar and create your identity. You’ll have a fully customizable character that you can dress in any way and change their appearance the way you want.

Once you have signed up, there are countless possibilities for you to take advantage of. You can explore different worlds, interact with players, start your own project or make a contribution to the one that’s already running. Each newcomer receives a piece of land where they can build anything that comes to their mind. You will get a virtual toolbox for implementing your ideas, be it a haunted house, an ultramodern helicopter, a multiplayer field for a ‘capture the flag’ game or a huge machine for playing pinball. Basically, it’s a mix of Lego and Minecraft with the addition of random elements. If you aren’t much of a builder, you are free to roam the Roblox universe, plunge into lands and games created by others and explore the unlimited possibilities of this amazing platform. There are plenty of different settings, including all possible countries and landscapes in all times, even the jungle of the Jurassic period crawling with dinosaurs or a futuristic space base. There are no set rules or genre limitations. The gameplay varies from land to land and it’s up to you to leave any minute.

Roblox supports three Builders Clubs that you can join to unlock more real estate to build on, increase the daily amount of in-game currency, design and sell clothes for avatars and much more. The virtual currency circulating on the platform is called Robux. It can be spend on purchasing clothing, accessories and other virtual items, changing your screen name and creating groups. If you have a PayPal account, you can also exchange Robux for real money at the rate of 500 Robux to 1 dollar. Roblox games are incredibly fun and can be played on any device!


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