Factory Tycoon


Have you ever wanted to exceed the boundaries of everyday reality and try something that you could never imagine before? The virtual world of Roblox invites you to set out for an unforgettable adventure! Discover the biggest user-generated community of gamers and plunge into a whirlpool of games where multiplayer competitions go hand in hand with interactive entertainments. You can feel what it’s like to mine gold in a quarry, explore foreign planets on a spaceship or even romp around the prehistoric jungle as a huge dinosaur. Every day, you can try something new. Fighting the army of zombies, taking part in a fashion show or running your own virtual business – this list can continue forever. You can play together with your friend or random people hanging out in Roblox, just like you! This very moment, over 700,000 gamers are creating new experiences waiting to be tested out. You, too, can join them and try to produce your own game that will be appreciated by thousands of people all over the world. A great variety of genres, from arcades to simulators, customizable characters and wide social functions including chats, forums and user groups make Roblox Factory Tycoon a number one thing available in the web!


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